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How we make it
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How we make it

«Yes there will be light!» - - that this wish came true, hundreds experts have to work: designers, engineers, electricians and designers of the Stigr enterprise. They work over each product together, using the most modern scientific knowledge and technologies.

As a result the customer receives really unique production. And it – not mere words. The main feature of each our lamp lamp is her heart – the high-quality crystal of the light-emitting diode giving the directed bright luminescence. But it is necessary to be able to work with it, after all only in hands of the professional it will be able not to stick together eyes, and to shine to the necessary party as in difference from other light sources it shines is sent, creating the special atmosphere in the apartment, office or restaurant. For this purpose it is necessary to consider each nuance of a design of the device, but the effect strikes even the most experienced design imagination: the chandelier from crystal will light up magic shine a banquet room, and the small lamps which have been built in in a stretch ceiling, in a moment will change the apartment…

Not less close attention is demanded also by a design of the lighting element used at creation of a chandelier. Here such important indicators, as power factor of light-emitting diodes and coefficient of a pulsation of a light stream which less than one has to be that conforms to the modern international standards and norms are considered. After all the kid light-emitting diode gives a lot of heat, and observance of all engineering subtleties gives it brightness and durability.

And that all this magnificence served owners as it is possible more long, we use only the most qualitative materials: the high-alloyed mirror stainless steel and the titan which we subject to polishing, polishing, anodizing and gilding. And, at last, crystal which by right is considered the king of all chandeliers.