Crystal LED chandelier VIP class

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Our garantee

Certainly, our production isn't cheap, but its use is extremely favorable. Our lamps serve not less than 25-30 years that makes 10 years of continuous burning, and clients can be sure that the illuminant won't rust, won't fuse and won't break, and will continue to please the owners with quality and an elitism in each detail. Each our chandelier is unique therefore to meet another such at neighbors or acquaintances it is almost impossible. For this reason all our production has the special number and the quality passport. And really space stuffing of chandeliers completely corresponds to their unsurpassed style. All light elements executed by the vip-order, can be covered with white or yellow gold - depending on an interior idea of the client. Exclusive chandeliers are issued on only 100-200 pieces, everyone has the brand stamp and the serial number registered on a site of the producer, to forge which it is impossible. This protection gives 100% an authenticity guarantee.

We are convinced that any modern machine gun won't replace heat and accuracy of human hands. For this reason each chandelier is collected manually. After all hand made is a new trend in interior design which allows to realize the most courageous imaginations of the customer. Knowing that stream release kills a non-standard, we prefer to quantity quality. It allows to consider each nuance: room area, type of a luminescence and even form of crystals. So lamps from "a face are born uncommon expression" as truly the poet noticed once. Also our crystal crystals became reliability symbol, after all they fasten to a chandelier mechanically, instead of by means of adhesive substances! Such fastening allows to use them even in very crowded rooms, in clubs and on dancings, without being afraid of that the part of a design will break up from vibration. Diameter of a crystal can make both 20, and 50 mm – everything depend on the purpose of use of the illuminant, since. illumination of a disco has to be more powerful, than illumination of a bedroom. Our materials and experience allow to realize any project – from office to the apartment.

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