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Chandeliers «Waterfall-100»


Collection Swarovski
Series SVS-13
Modification 100
Dimensions 330x2100mm
Weight, kg 10
Analogue power incandescent lamps (W) 20


«Waterfall»  Chandelier is made of metal adorned with black enamel and includes “Swarovski” crystals (d-14mm).
We use LEDs as the light source for this stunning fixture. There are 7 LED lamps in this fixture.
The crystals have 30mm diameters. 
The chandelier could be transformed into a floor lamp.

Garantees qualitynew technologiesmodern designeconomical operation
On all our production we give
20 years of a guarantee
In the course of manufacturing we use
modern technologies
We watch tendencies in design
and successfully them we apply
In a design of fixtures we use bright
modern light-emitting diodes