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Chandeliers «Fuga»


Collection Swarovski
Series SVS-01
Modification 001
Dimensions 1020x420x550mm (LxWxH)
Weight, kg 25
Analogue power incandescent lamps (W) 100


“Fuga” Chandelier is made of a combination of high-alloy steel and “Swarovski” crystals (d-14mm, d-25mm).
We use LEDs as the light source for this stunning fixture. The LEDs are installed with the mounting-board in the Chandelier.
There are 24 LED lamps in this fixture.
The crystals have 50mm diameters.
You can always book a meeting with our designers to create your own individual size with us. We offer the design flexibility of varying numbers of LEDs along with numerous colors and shades of the metal and crystals.

Garantees qualitynew technologiesmodern designeconomical operation
On all our production we give
20 years of a guarantee
In the course of manufacturing we use
modern technologies
We watch tendencies in design
and successfully them we apply
In a design of fixtures we use bright
modern light-emitting diodes